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Bilder aus China im April 2016

Vereinbarung mit der Partnerschule


Haiyan High School and Schule Hohe Geest hereby agree upon an exchange of students on a regular basis, starting on September, 22nd 2015.

Each school will from now on alternately send students to the exchange partner for one week once a year, so that every school may visit the partner-school every two years. The organisation of these visits is supported by the Deutsche China-Gesellschaft e.V. (German China Association), Karlsruhe. Date and time of the exchange will be determined by the heads of both schools.

The purpose of this commitment is the mutual exchange of cultural, educational and scientific knowledge in order to improve understanding, empathy and friendship between German and Chinese students and the teachers of both schools.

Students must be at least 16 years old and speak the English language fluently as far as everyday communication is concerned. They must be prepared by their teachers for the culture of the country they visit. Each school will take up to 20 students and 4 teachers.

The German host will provide free accomodation for the students and their teachers for the time of their stay in or near the location of the school as far as he can find host-families who will take a Chinese student as guest. Students will be accomodated by host families, teachers can be accomodated in hotels. The host will provide free transport to and from his school during the stay.

If possible host and guest-students should visit each other mutually in Germany and in China. The mutual visit can be conducted only once.

In order to learn about the educational system the students and teachers will participate in as many regular school lessons as can be organized by the host. At least one lecture will be given by students to introduce the host country's cultural achievements.

Every host will give sufficient information on the educational system as well as the cultural and historical background of the school and arrange a cultural study trip within the visit of the guest school.

This commitment can be revoked by each head of school at any time within 3 months before the following date of exchange. The revocation must be in written form.

Hohenwestedt, September, 27th 2015

Hier geht's zur Homepage unserer Partnerschule

Aufsatz einer chinesischen Gastschülerin

Two week in Europe

I spent a week in travelling Europe. And I stayed in my host family in Germany for a week. I really like staying with my partner. And the week I lived in her home is really nice. And her mom particularly made rice for me. And I met a lot of friends here. They are very enthusiastic.

When I arrived their school, every of them took a sign which was written "Welcome". And I found my partner, she gave me a big hug. And the first day I were in my host family, I went to school with my partner. I met a lot of my partner's friends. And there are a lot of differences between Chinese classes and German classes. And there is fewer students in each class. But I really could not understand what teachers said. And in the afternoon we went to the beach. And it is so beautiful. And both me and my partner are so tied. And I went to bed very early.

The second day we went to school in the morning. And in the afternoon, a Chinese student had a birthday party in her host family. And most of us went to her birthday party. It was really funny. And my Chinese friend's host family prepared a lot of delicious food.

The third day we went to see the leader of the city we lived. The mayor was very kind and he told us the history about this area. And we took a lot of photos with him.

The fourth day we went to the beach with our partners. We saw a lot of shells in the beach when the tide is out. And we went to the aquarium. My partner knew that my favorite animal is fish. So she introduced the fishes she knew to me. Because the fished there is really different from China. Then we had a good time in the beach.

The fifth day I had a physics class which the teacher was headmaster. The headmaster is really a good teacher. He let the students do the experiment by themselves. And in the evening we had a picnic in front of our school. And I showed paper-cut for our host family.

The last day I went to the Hamburg. And I bought a pair of shoes and a coat. But It was really nice that I can go shopping with my partner.

By the way, I found a way to answer your e-mail on time. I can use my teacher's computer. I think it's a good way to solve this problem. And I found a very interesting picture.

Kurzbericht über die Chinareise vom 16.-30.04.14

Schüleraustausch mit China

Vor den Sommerferien 2013 wurde die Schule gefragt, ob sie an einem Schüleraustausch mit China teilnehmen möchte. Bedingung war, dass es eine Möglichkeit gibt, die chinesischen Gastschüler hier in Familien unterzubringen. Die Bereitschaft der Familien, ein Gastkind aufzunehmen, war überwältigend!

Vom 18.08.2013 bis zum 25.08.2013 fand der Austausch mit der Jiujiang No.1 High School und der Jiujiang Tongwen Middle School, die am Jangtsekiang in China liegen, statt. Wir haben 21 Schüler/innen, 6 Lehrkräfte und einen Dolmetscher für eine Woche in der Schule und in Gastfamilien aufgenommen. Die Kosten für Ausflüge u.a. wurden von der Spindelhirnstiftung und dem Schulträger übernommen. Damit haben wir den Grundstein für einen Gegenbesuch unserer Schüler/innen in China gelegt.

Nachdem die Schule im Schuljahr 2013 einen Austausch mit 2 Partnerschulen in Jiujiang, Provinz Jiangxi, begonnen hat, wird dieser Austausch im aktuellen Schuljahr mit der Haiyan High School in der Stadt Jiaxing im Norden der chinesischen Provinz Zhejiang fortgesetzt

Die Fachschaften der modernen Fremdsprachen bemühen sich aktiv um Partnerschulen in Frankreich, Spanien und England.